11th July 2007, 8:30pm
(id:107) Camilla Cancantata and Vida Kashizadeh

Camilla Cancantata (trombone, vocals), Vida Kashizadeh, Chris Hills (tabla), Miles Doubleday (vocals), Paul Medley (clarinet).
Port Mahon, Oxford
Outstanding trombonist Camilla Cancantata presents an evening featuring special guest Vida Kashizadeh on percussion and voice, in collaboration with other members of Oxford Improvisers.
14th July 2007, 2pm
(id:109) Phil Durrant Workshop

Richard Hamilton Building, Oxford Brookes University
Groundbreaking acoustic and electronic improviser Phil Durrant presents a rare workshop on laptop improvisation and the issues involved for acoustic musicians improvising with electronic players. All musicans welcome.
9 November, 2 p.m.
(id:115) Dominic Lash, Pat Thomas, Malcolm Atkins

Harcourt Hill Theatre, Oxford Brookes University
Trios, solos and maybe other combinations from Dominic Lash (contrabass), Pat Thomas (piano) and Malcolm Atkins (violin, etc). Performance for Performing Arts students at Oxford Brookes University but outsiders can attend - send me a message if you'd like to come. Note start time.
12th September 2007, 8:30pm
(id:113) Oxford Improvisers Sinfonietta plus Mick Beck

Port Mahon, Oxford
New Oxford Improvisers large ensemble - performing with no pre-determined structures at all but with a distinctive sound arrived at through careful rehearsal. Also remarkable Sheffield-based saxophonist and bassoonist plays solo.
Tuesday 9 October 8.30pm
(id:114) Charles Hayward (of &rsquosemicolonThis Heat&rsquosemicolon) PLEASE NOTE NEW DATE!
with Pat Thomas, Pete McPhail, Dominic Lash & special guest from Minnesota USA vocalist Viv Corringham.

Port Mahon, Oxford
Extraordinary drummer Charles Hayward (formerly of This Heat; collaborator with Fred Frith, Bill Laswell, Hugh Hopper and many more) plays solo and with Pat Thomas, Pete McPhail, Dominic Lash, and our second special guest, vocalist Viv Corringham. See for much more information.
Friday 26th October 2007 8pm
(id:111) COHESION FESTIVAL 2007 FRIDAY NIGHT: Imaginary String Trio plus Evan Parker & Stephen Grew

Jacqueline Du Pre Building, St Hilda's College, Oxford
The first night of the COHESION 2007 festival and a special concert featuring Oxford musicians Bruno Guastalla (cello) and Dominic Lash (contrabass) performing with distinguished violinist Philipp Wachsmann as part of their Jazz Services UK tour. The concert is a double bill with legendary saxophonist Evan Parker, playing in duo with Lancastrian pianist Stephen Grew. The musicians will also perform as a quintet.
With support from Jazz Services and Oxford City Council.
Saturday 27 October, 4.30 - 6.00
(id:116) COHESION FESTIVAL 2007 SATURDAY AFTERNOON: Alexander Hawkins Ensemble, AMV plus Pat Thomas solo

Jacqueline Du Pre Building, St Hilda's College, Oxford
Saturday afternoon of the COHESION FESTIVAL with .... Alexander Hawkins Ensemble: including Hannah Marshall (cello), Otto Fischer (guitar), Javier Carmona (drums), Orphy Robinson (steel pan), Dominic Lash (double bass). AMV featuring Fabrizia Verrechia, Liz Hodgson, Paul Medley & Malcolm Atkins - Plus Pat Thomas: a rare opportunity to hear Pat playing solo piano focussing on Thelonious Monk compositions.
Saturday 27 October, 8pm
(id:117) COHESION FESTIVAL 2007 SATURDAY EVENING: An evening of music curated by Pat Thomas, with special guests Orphy Robinson, Steve Williamson, Tunde Jegede, Ahmed Abdul Rahman, Philipp Wachsmann and the Oxford Improvisers Orchestra

Jacqueline Du Pre Building, St Hilda's College, Oxford
A very special Saturday night concert to conclude the COHESION festival featuring ... Orphy Robinson - Steel Pan, Steve Williamson - Sax, Tunde Jegede - Kora, Ahmed Abdul Rahman - Erhu (Chinese violin), Philipp Wachsmann - violin & The Oxford Improvisers Orchestra Programme to include Pat Thomas/Steve Williamson duo, Conduction 786 (New Music for Steel Pan & Chinese Fiddle), Concerto for Philipp Wachsmann
Thursday 22 November 2007 8.
(id:121) Barrel String Trio featuring Alison Blunt (violin), Hannah Marshall (cello) & Ivor Kallin (viola)

Port Mahon, Oxford
From London: Barrel String Trio featuring Alison Blunt (violin), Hannah Marshall (cello) & Ivor Kallin (viola) Also performing are Chris Brown (guitar) & Chris Stubbs (percussion); Nick Benda (oboe) & Jill Elliott (violin); plus AMV : Malcolm Atkins (violin), Chris Hills (percussion), Liz Hodgson (voice), Paul Medley (clarinet), Ian Dixon (bass), Fabrizia Verrechia (dance), Miles Doubleday (voice). Port Mahon, St Clements, Oxford £5 (£3 concessions)
Saturday 8 December 2007 at 8pm
(id:122) David Stackenas (all the way from Stockholm)

Drama Studio, Richard Hamilton Building
Internationally acclaimed guitarist David Stackenas is on a short UK tour. We are delighted that he is playing in Oxford for a solo performance and collaborating with guests including Camilla Cancantata (trombone), David Stent (guitar), Pat Thomas (keyboards), Dominic Lash (bass) and Julian Faultless (french horn). Oxford Brookes Drama Studio, Headington Hill Campus (behind the Richard Hamilton Building), London Road, Oxford OX3 £5 (£3 concessions)
Wednesday 9 January 8.30pm
(id:123) Tim Hill&rsquosemicolons Worlds Unknown & The Balkh Quartet

Port Mahon, Oxford
Tim Hill’s Worlds Unknown are a trio of 'Tongues of Fire' veterans; Tim Hill (sax), Dominic Lash (bass) with the very fine Steve Noble (drums). The Balkh Quartet consist of Charlie Collins (percussion), John Jasnoch (guitar), Peter White (poetry) and special guest Pat Thomas playing melodica. With Darren Hasson-Davies (drums) & Evan Thomas (guitar)
Wednesday 13 Feb 8.30pm
(id:124) David Leahy, Cafésemicolon Reason, Hadaly and more

Port Mahon, Oxford
New Zealand born double bassist David Leahy has specialised in developing the link between improvisation and dance. Café Reason are an acclaimed Bhuto dance theatre group. Oxford based trio Hadaly (Malcolm Atkins- violin, David Stent - guitar, Dominic Lash - bass) come together for their first performance since September 2005.
Saturday 1 March 1pm to 5pm
(id:125) Workshop with Phil Minton

Richard Hamilton Building, Oxford Brookes University
Vocalist Phil Minton is a pioneer of the UK contemporary music scene. He will be leading a special improvisation workshop open to musicians of all abilities. Richard Hamilton Building (Oxford Brookes University, Headington Hill Campus) £10 (£7 concessions)
Tuesday 4 March 8.30pm
(id:130) Francesco Serpetti, Philipp Wachsmann, Bruno Guastalla and more

Port Mahon, Oxford
Francesco Serpetti, Philipp Wachsmann, Bruno Guastalla and more An evening of delicate tone colours and violent contrasts: 'Resonances - music for strings, percussion and dulcitone' featuring Philipp Wachsmann, Jill Eliott, Dominic Lash and Bruno Guastalla (strings) Chris Stubbs (percussion) Pat Thomas and Francesco Serpetti (dulcitone) Port Mahon, St Clements, Oxford OX4 1AW £6 (£4 concessions)
Saturday 8th March 7.30pm
(id:126) Abingdon Festival: Sonic Dynamics

St Helen's Church, Abingdon
Exploring the fertile relationship between composition and improvisation this special event in the Abingdon Festival makes the most of the wonderful acoustic of St Helen’s Church. Come with open ears for an evening of stimulation and surprise. Chris Brown (guitar), Alexander Hawkins (piano), Chris Stubbs (percussion), Darren Hasson-Davies (percussion) Dominic Lash (bass), Jill Elliott (violin), Julie Hamilton (clarinet), Nick Sorensen (sax), Francesco Serpetti (piano). St Helens Church (East St Helens Street, Abingdon, OX14 5BS) Abingdon £6 £4 concessions
Friday 4 April 9pm
(id:127) Barkingside

Modern Art Oxford
Barkingside (Alex Ward - clarinet, Alexander Hawkins - piano, Dominic Lash - bass, Paul May - percussion,) with Nicholas Benda (solo oboe). The oddly named group Barkingside have been featured on Radio 3 and have just released a very fine debut CD on the Emanem Label. The quartet feature virtuoso clarinet player Alex Ward on a welcome return visit to Oxford. This concert is part of the Oxford Fringe festival, running alongside the Sunday Times Oxford Literary Festival. More details at Maison Francaise Cultural Centre, 2-10 Norham Rd, Oxford, OX2 6SE £5 on the door
Tuesday 15 April 8.30pm
(id:128) Paulo Angeli & Nostromo

Port Mahon, Oxford
Paulo Angeli & Nostromo We are delighted to welcome Italian guitarist Paulo Angeli as part of a short UK tour: "Paolo’s playing, while firmly located in the current language of free improvisation, is imbued with elements shaped by the traditions of Sardinian music, echoes of the launeddas ringing down the millennia and coming right into the present with his adapted Sicilian guitar and virtuosic use of real-time processing" (Evan Parker). Angeli plays a unique customised, extended and electrified Sardinian guitar, from which he coaxes multiple layers of sound, bowed lead parts with plucked bass lines and percussive strokes. His latest album Tessuti combines covers of tunes by Bjork and Fred Frith with pieces of his own. Completing the double bill are Nostromo - a free jazz powerhouse featuring Pete McPhail, Alexander Hawkins, Dominic Lash & Roger Telford. Port Mahon, St Clements, Oxford OX4 1AW £6 (£4 concessions)
Wednesday 14 May 8.30pm
(id:129) Gail Brand & Mark Sanders

Port Mahon, Oxford
London-based ace trombone virtuoso Gail Brand has been playing music internationally since the early 1990's both solo and in collaboration with the likes of Veryan Weston, Phil Minton and Billy Jenkins. Mark Sanders plays regularly with Charles Gayle, Jah Wobble and Spring Heel Jack and his last gig at the Port Mahon was stunning. Also playing tonight are Bruno Guastalla (cello), David Stent (guitar), Dominic Lash (bass) & Alexander Hawkins (keyboard).
Wednesday 11 June, 8.30p.m.
(id:119) Evolution

Port Mahon, Oxford
Music from Camilla Cancantata (trombone), Trish Elphinstone (sax), Darren Reynolds (bass), Pam Elliott (vocals, guitar) and more
Monday 7th July, 8.30p.m.
(id:120) The Recedents with Lol Coxhill, Roger Turner and Mike Cooper

Drama Studio, Richard Hamilton Building
Two trios on one night! The Recedents with Lol Coxhill (sax), Roger Turner (drums) & Mike Cooper (guitar) PLUS 'Bubbles' with John Greaves (sax), Darren Hasson-Davis (drums) & Pat Thomas (keyboards).
Wednesday 9th July, 8.30p.m.
(id:118) Improvisation, Collections or Structures

Port Mahon, Oxford
with Dominic Lash, David Stent, Helen Edwards, Malcolm Atkins, Bruno Guastalla, Miles Doubleday, Chris Stubbs and Jez Riley French
Wednesday 10 September 8.30pm
(id:131) Tim Hodgkinson

Port Mahon, Oxford
Extraordinary clarinettist, lap steel guitar player and composer Tim Hodgkinson, best known for his work with the seminal groups Henry Cow and Konk Pack. Also on the bill are Two Plump Daughters, the rumbling contrabass duo (clarinet and violin) of Christopher Cundy and Dominic Lash. For the second half of the concert these musicians will be joined by French horn player Julian Faultless and guitarist David Stent in a brand-new collaboration.
Sunday 14 September 2pm ÔÇô 6
(id:133) David Leahy - Workshop

Drama Studio, Richard Hamilton Building
New Zealand born double bassist David Leahy has specialised in developing the link between improvisation and dance. This special workshop is on improvisation and is open to both musicians and dancers.
Saturday 4th October 1.30 p.m.
(id:136) A Remarkably Short History of the Universe

Bonn Square, Oxford
A community based piece which will feature Oxford Improvisers, Blackbird Leys Choir and Horns of Plenty (amongst others) A procession will culminate in a performance at the Town Hall
Wednesday 8 October 8.30pm
(id:132) Charles Hayward

Port Mahon, Oxford
Extraordinary drummer Charles Hayward (formerly of This Heat; collaborator with Fred Frith, Bill Laswell, Hugh Hopper etc) plays solo and with Pete McPhail, John Grieve, Dominic Lash & Chris Brown.
Saturday 15 November 3pm
(id:134) COHESION 2008 - Saturday Afternoon

Jacqueline Du Pre Building, St Hilda's College, Oxford
Oxford Improvisers present "A given space": sequence for 12 performers coordinated by Bruno Guastalla.
Saturday 15 November 7.30pm
(id:135) COHESION 2008 - Saturday Evening
with Ken Vandermark, Barry Guy, Mark Sanders Trio & Oxford Improvisers Orchestra.

Jacqueline Du Pre Building, St Hilda's College, Oxford
First night of the COHESION 2008 Music Festival: Chicago based saxophonist Ken Vandermark is simply one of finest modern jazz players around - this special trio teams Vandermark with bassist Barry Guy and drummer Mark Sanders. Last year’s performance by the twenty strong Oxford Improvisers Orchestra was described in the Oxford Times as ÔÇ£like biting into a fresh watermelon on a hot day’.
Sunday 16 November 7.30pm
(id:138) COHESION 2008 - Sunday Evening:
Philipp Wachsmann & Bead Records Present
DUO Catherine Hope-Jones (artist) Michael Bunce (electro acoustics) SOLO Alexander Hawkins (piano) DUO Matthew Hutchinson (synthesizer) Dominic Lash (contrabass) DUO Camilla Cancantata (trombone) David Stent (guitar) TRIO Pete McPhail (saxophones & flutes) Malcolm Atkins (violin) Miles Doubleday (voice) PLUS solos and ensembles from Jill Elliott (violin) Chris Stubbs (percussion) Bruno Guastalla (cello)
Jacqueline Du Pre Building, St Hilda's College, Oxford
"The Barely Imaginable": An evening with Bead Records curated by Philipp Wachsmann
Wednesday 10 December 8.30pm
(id:139) Paal Nilssen Love, Frode Gjerstad, Nick Stephens Trio NOTE CHANGE OF VENUE - THIS GIG IS NOT AT THE PORT MAHON (which is now closed)

Drama Studio, Richard Hamilton Building
Very special guests from Norway. Paal Nilssen Love, Frode Gjerstad, Nick Stephens Trio. Please note - this gig is not at the Port Mahon (which has now closed!). It has been re-arranged for the Drama Studio at Oxford Brookes University, Headington Hill campus OX3 0BP off London Road to the left heading out of town (with lots of parking and a bus stop right outside the entrance) . Very special guests from Norway. Pat Metheny described Paal Nilssen Love as 'simply one of the best new musicians I've heard during the latest years' while Down Beat hailed him 'a revelation: Nilssen-Love is one of the most innovative, dynamic and versatile drummers in jazz'. Plus John Grieve (sax), Chris Brown (guitar) play with OIBST featuring Malcolm Atkins, Miles Doubleday and Sarah Verney Caird
Saturday 24 January 2009
(id:140) Apparitions (Paul Chauncy, Jon Lloyd, Rob Palmer, Philipp Wachsmann) Plus Nick Benda & Paul Medley

Drama Studio, Richard Hamilton Building
The intriguing Apparitions (Paul Chauncy - electronics, Jon Lloyd - soprano sax, Rob Palmer - guitar/electronics, Philipp Wachsmann - violin/electronics) kick off 2009 for Oxford Improvisers. The evening will also feature a reed duo of Nick Benda (oboe) and Paul Medley (clarinet).
Saturday 21 March 2009 7.30pm
(id:141) Music of the Limbs @ Abingdon Festival

Musicians include Pat Thomas, Malcolm Atkins, Chris Brown, Bruno Guastalla, Miles Doubleday, Alexander Hawkins, Chris Stubbs, Paul Medley, Trish Elphinstone, Nick Sorenson, Sarah Verney Caird, Hackett, Chris Hills, David Stent, Pete McPhail, Camilla Cancantata
St Helen's Church, Abingdon
Visual artist Barry Reeves and musicians from Oxford Improvisers explore a fusion of film and music. Convened by Chris Stubbs & Paul Medley the event utilises the wonderful acoustic of St Helen’s Church in Abingdon. Program will include compositions and improvisations including: Bruno Guastalla (Seven images for Alexander Hawkins), Nick Sorensen (Fenestration of the Ear), Miles Doubleday (Cellular Automaton for Large Ensemble), Camilla Cancantata (voicings), Chris Stubbs (Synergy 1) and Music of the Limbs (films by Barry Reeves with Oxford Improvisers)
Friday 3 April 2009 8pm
(id:144) Sound Words @ Oxfringe festival

St Michael at the Northgate, Oxford
An evening of words, music, poetry and sound. Poets performing include Keston Sutherland, Sabita Isabel Banerji, Vahni Capildeo, Sinibaldo Gerbasi, Giles Goodland & Stuart Calton. Musicians include John Grieve, Malcolm Atkins, Chris Brown, Miles Doubleday, Trish Elphinstone, Martin Hackett, Dominic Lash, Paul Medley, David Stent & THF Drenching
Saturday 25 April 2pm - 6pm
(id:142) Music Workshop with Mark Sanders

Richard Hamilton Building, Oxford Brookes University
Drummer Mark Sanders is a leading figure on the UK contemporary music scene and plays regularly with musicians as varied as Charles Gayle, Jah Wobble and Spring Heel Jack. He will be leading a special improvisation workshop open to musicians of all abilities. Richard Hamilton Building (Room B07) at Oxford Brookes University, Headington Hill campus OX3 0BP off London Road to the left heading out of town.
Thursday 4 June lunchtime concer
(id:147) Sounding Spaces Benefit for Medical Aid for Palestinians

St Michael at the Northgate, Oxford
New meets old as Oxford Improvisers fill this ancient building with a wide range of musical colours and textures, to create an intriguingly varied programme of improvised music. The line-up includes pianist Pat Thomas, contrasting small ensembles, and dancer Helen Edwards.
Tuesday 9 June 2009 @ 8.30pm
(id:145) Oxford Improvisers at Folly Bridge Inn

Folly Bridge Inn, Abingdon Road, Oxford
Electronic Quartet from Miles Doubleday, Pat Thomas, Malcolm Atkins, Pete McPhail .... plus Chris Brown (guitar) / Bruno Guastalla (cello) duo plus Jill Elliott (violin), Bruno Guastalla (cello), Chris stubbs (percussion)
Thursday 11 June lunchtime conce
(id:148) Oxford Music Network lunchtime season

Bonn Square, Oxford
Castello Trios: Javier Carmona (drums), Dominic Lash (bass), John Grieve (sax) Bruno Guastalla (cello), Martin Hackett (melodica), Paul Medley (sax),
Tuesday 14 July 2009 @ 8.30pm
(id:146) Thomas Telford Quartet

Folly Bridge Inn, Abingdon Road, Oxford
featuring Pat Thomas (keyboard/electronics), Roger Telford (drums), Dominic Lash (bass) & David Stent (guitar).... plus John Grieve (sax), Julian Faultless (french horn). Martin Hackett (melodicas and voice-changers).
29th September 2009
(id:149) Gannets plus Wachsmann/Stubbs

Chris Cundy, Fyfe Dangerfield, Dominic Lash, Steve Noble, Alex Ward, Philipp Wachsmann, Chris Stubbs
Folly Bridge Inn, Abingdon Road, Oxford
Oxford Improvisers present the improv/noise/groove mayhem of Gannets (Chris Cundy, Fyfe Dangerfield [of Guillemots fame], Dominic Lash, Steve Noble and Alex Ward), who posit an alternative jazz history in which 30s swing developed straight into a combined form of the free jazz and fusion movements, without any of the intervening decades! Support comes from the intriguing combination of hugely experienced and distinguished violinist Philipp Wachsmann (a member of the Evan Parker Electro-Acoustic Ensemble, who has also collaborated with Derek Bailey, Tony Oxley and Ken Vandermark) with the maverick junk percussion of Chris Stubbs.
Saturday 31st October, 8pm
(id:151) Tony Bevan/Tony Buck/Joe Morris/Dominic Lash

Tony Bevan, Tony Buck, Joe Morris, Dominic Lash
Folly Bridge Inn, Abingdon Road, Oxford
Boston-based Joe Morris is a brilliant but unflashy (and thus criminally under-valued) guitarist with a totally distinctive approach, built on fleet single-note lines and a great use of space. Collaborators have included Matthew Shipp, William Parker, Ken Vandermark, Simon Fell and many more. Australian drummer Tony Buck has a higher profile through his membership of The Necks; the 'deep listening' he displays at the heart of that cult trio makes him the ideal man to anchor this amazing band. These two musicians are joined by two local boys: Tony Bevan, a member of legendary drummer Sunny Murray’s European trio, frequent recording partner with the late Derek Bailey, and leader of the improv super-group Bruise, has turned the lumbering bass sax into an amazingly agile source of improvised magic (his tenor sax is pretty hot as well) . The quartet is completed by Dominic Lash, whose recent exploits include touring with The Convergence Quartet and debuting a trio with English improvising pioneers John Butcher and John Russell.
Friday 13 & Saturday 14 November
(id:150) COHESION FESTIVAL 2009 featuring Phil Minton, Alex Ward, David Bausseron, Pat Thomas, John Bisset, Oxford Improvisers Orchestra and more!
Oxford Improvisers' third annual Cohesion Festival takes place on Friday 13 and Saturday 14 November 2009. The weekend's activities include workshops with expert practitioners and three concerts at the Jacqueline du Pre Music Building.

Jacqueline Du Pre Building, St Hilda's College, Oxford

Friday evening concert at 8pm

Oxford Improvisers Orchestra joined by musicians from a range of traditions including a sephardic singer, a flamenco guitarist, and a darabuka player. With new pieces from Paul Medley, Malcolm Atkins and John Grieve, the programme culminates in a performance of Trish Elphinstone’s landmark work, Romany Road exploring musical aspects of the migration of gypsy and Romany people from India into Arab lands, Spain, and Eastern Europe.

Guest musicians include: Mitel Purohit (tabla), Keith Fairbairn (tamboura/Cajon), Frank Hockney (darabuka/hand percussion), Hafeez Karar (dhouf/hand percussion) and Karen Kay (Sephardic singing).

Saturday afternoon concert at 4pm

Includes performances from Cold Harbour Trio of Bruno Guastalla (cello, bandoneon), David Stent (guitar) and Pete McPhail (reeds), Pat Thomas (piano), Steve Lacy pieces performed by Nick Sorensen (reeds) and Alexander Hawkins (piano) and compositions by Camilla Cancantata, Martin Hackett and Miles Doubleday.

Saturday evening concert at 8pm

Presenting music prepared earlier in the day at festival workshops, vocalist Phil Minton will conduct a 'Feral Choir' centred on members of the Blackbird Leys Choir while French guitarist/electronic musician David Bausseron will lead young people from local schools in instrumental improvisations.

Topping the bill, the spellbinding World Improvising Trio of Pat Thomas (keyboards and electronics) Alex Ward (guitar) and John Bisset (guitar/electronics), all international figures in their own right and here united ito bring Cohesion 2009 to a close.

27th March 2009 7:30 PM
(id:154) Chamber Improvisations
Small group improvisations featuring members of Oxford improvisers
St Helen's Church, Abingdon
Oxford improvisers present an evening of small group performances. Members come from varied musical backgrounds, jazz, classical, folk, rock and pop and include the internationally recognised musicians, Pat Thomas (piano), Pete McPhail (saxophone) and Dominic Lash (bass). The acoustics in St Helens are brilliant for this type of intimate performance. Come with open ears for an evening of stimulation and surprise.
Monday 18 January, 2010. 1pm.
(id:155) Winter Songs

St Michael at the Northgate, Oxford
Oxford Improvisers return to St Michael's Church with a programme of vocal and instrumental pieces underpinned by the mighty St Michael's organ.
Tuesday 26th January, 2010.8.30p
(id:156) Company Night with Roger Turner, Matt Wand, Pat Thomas and many more!

curated by Stuart Chalmers
Folly Bridge Inn, Abingdon Road, Oxford
Inspired by Derek Bailey’s Company Weeks and to celebrate what would have been Derek’s 80th birthday Oxford Improvisers performing in ad-hoc groupings with two special guest musicians. Matt Wand (tapes/electronics) was first known as part of the group Stock, Hausen and Walkman. He then went on to play in the Tony Oxley Quartet and at Derek Baileys company week in 1992/1993. Roger Turner (drums) has been improvising since the 1960s and has a long list of collaborations, including the Recedents, Konk Pack and the Phil Minton Quartet. He worked with Derek Bailey on the Incus album Duos, London 2001 and appeared at company week 1994. The names and number of participants will be decided before each improvisation by drawing tickets from a hat. Each performance will have between 2 to 5 players and last anything up to 20 minutes.
Thursday 11 February 8.30pm
(id:157) Four Cellos: Ute Kanngiesser, Lucy Railton, Richard Thomas & Bruno Guastalla plus Tony Bevan (bass sax) Martin Hackett (synth) duo

Folly Bridge Inn, Abingdon Road, Oxford
Four contrasting cellists, Lucy Railton; Ute Kanngiesser; Richard Thomas and Bruno Guastalla will play together. Also that night, the extraordinary sound world of Tony Bevan (BASS SAXOPHONE) and Martin Hackett (SYNTHESIZER). For more information: Lucy Railton, Bruno Guastalla, Richard Thomas>, Ute Kanngiesser, Tony Bevan.
Monday 8 March 8.30pm
(id:158) Cowley Cobra plus Pete McPhail (reeds) & Roger Telford (drums) and Sean Bonney (poetry) & David Stent (guitar)

Folly Bridge Inn, Abingdon Road, Oxford
Oxford Improvisers tackle John Zorn’s famous game piece Cobra for the first time ÔÇô plus duos of Pete McPhail (reeds) & Roger Telford (drums) and Sean Bonney (poetry) & David Stent (guitar). BBC Music described Cobra as a "kind of directed improvisation with its roots in the work of John Cage and Stockhausen, but Zorn's aesthetic is different. Where Cage distrusted improvisation and Stockhausen shrouded it in mysticism, Zorn seeks to have fun with it and to draw out the individuality of the players involved".
Saturday 27 March 7.30pm
(id:159) Chamber Improvisations l
Oxford Improvisers at Abingdon Arts Festiva

St Helen's Church, Abingdon
Focussing on small group improvisation - an evening of new compositions and improvisations including compositions by Chris Brown (guitar), Chris Stubbs (percussion), Dominic Lash (bass) and others.
Friday 9th April 7:30pm
(id:160) Music Poetry and Dance

Oxford Improviserssemicolon Vahni Capildeo, Giles Goodland, and Gavin Selerie (poetry)semicolon Susie Crow and Ana Barbour (dance)
St Michael at the Northgate, Oxford
A unique combination of poetry, music and dance at St Michael in the Northgate
Tuesday 20th April 2010 8.30
(id:161) Squint

Squint: Eric Clarke Jill Elliott Bruno Guastalla Dominic Lash Philipp Wachsmann Support Jon Bowen (sax and keyboards) Simon Tarassenko (guitar)
Port Mahon, Oxford
Oxford Improvisers return to a familiar venue, recently refurbished, with a programme of new groups. Comprising two violins, viola, cello and bass, Squint directs its curious view on the vast and varied sound world of the string ensemble. The duo of Jon Bowen (sax and keyboards) and Simon Tarassenko (guitar) complete the line-up for this all-acoustic evening.
Tuesday 11 May 8.30pm
(id:162) Double Bill: Red Square & Atmospheres (with Paul Dunmall)

Red Square formed in the 1970s in Southend-on-Sea, were part of the Music for Socialism collective, and played regularly alongside Henry Cow & Lol Coxhill. In 2010 they are still defying expectations and mixing MC5 with Albert Ayler. Red Square are the sonic manifestation of a Jackson Pollock painting: the longer you listen.....the more you're sucked into the individual virtuoso layers coming together as a whole '……as a live, breathtaking, experience, it&rsquosemicolons gig of the year. Genius' (Paul Carrera, Nightshift, April 2009). Saxophonist Paul Dunmall has played with Johnny Guitar Watson, Alice Coltrane, Keith Tippett, Danny Thompson and a great many more Dunmall sounds at times like Sonny Rollins at others like Evan Parker, but arguably surpasses both in the precision and succinctness of expression. 'This is music of the utmost seriousness and importance' (LastFM).
Folly Bridge Inn, Abingdon Road, Oxford
Red Square: Jon Seagroatt (reeds), Ian Staples (guitar) & Roger Telford (drums) & Atmospheres: Paul Dunmall (saxophones), Trevor Taylor (percussion), Phil Gibbs (guitar), & Nick Stephens (bass).
15th July 2010, 8pm
(id:164) PREDICATE and Hackett/Stent/Wachsmann

Port Mahon, Oxford
Predicate is a new quartet led by Alex Ward, 'a compulsively creative polymath' (Stewart Lee); 'one of those players who seems to get interesting music out of anything he touches' (Nate Dorward), and features Tim Hill (alto and baritone saxes), Dominic Lash (double bass) and Mark Sanders (drums). Ward himself plays electric guitar, and provides the intricate compositions: "think 'ecstatic jazz' but without the ecstasy, though some agony may well be involved".

Martin Hackett (electronics), David Stent (electric guitar) and Philipp Wachsmann (violin and electronics) have between them a huge range of musical influences and experiences, and will meet tonight for the very first time as a trio.
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