Karen Kay’s Storytime

Tue 4 February, 2014
7:30 pm - 10:00 pm

The Loft Room @ The Old Fire Station

Vocalist and composer Karen Kay’s story songs are infused with odd characters, elements of magical realism and a sound palette with shades of blues, jazz and cabaret.

But…what happens if you take a collection of these songs, written using traditional structures and throw them open to skilled improvisors? Do they become fragments, like a song partially remembered? Which remain lyrical and which turn into tumult?

An evening of story, melody and mayhem with members of Oxford Improvisers.

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3 thoughts on “Karen Kay’s Storytime

  1. Oh, this is something I would dearly love to see. No plans to be down South in early Feb, though.

    I hope you all have an excellent time, and if any recordings are made I’d give them a keen listen.

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