Who are we?

We’re an eclectic bunch. The exposition of free improvisation methods, allows each participant to bring their own tapestry of musical heritage and persuasions to bear.  What we all have in common is an enjoyment of creative music making in the moment.

Nick Benda

Ros Bleach

Tim Bushnell

Camilla Cancantata

Stuart Chalmers

Efthymios Chatzgiannis

Chris Dammers

Dariusz Dziala

Jill Elliot

Trish Elphinstone

Janna Ferrett

David Grundy

Bruno Guastalla

Finn Hackett

Martin Hackett

Chris Hills

Phillippa Lasocki

David Maskell

Pete McPhail

Paul Medley

Robert Ridley-Shackleton

Lee Riley

Anne L Ryan

Ian Staples

David Stent

Chris Stubbs

Simon Tarassenko

Patrick Taylor

Roger Telford

Evan Thomas

Pat Thomas

Sarah Verney Caird

Philipp Wachsmann

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